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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bollywood Movie: 'Shaadi ke side effects'. Lead starcast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan

I had a chance to see this movie last weekend on the cable. Usually I like movies acted in by Farhan Akhtar and also Vidya Balan. Although I must admit that somehow I do not find these two very glamorous and attractive, they always bring substance to the movie by making best possible justice to the role that they are casting.

This is one of very few movies from Bollywood which actually shows what happens in married life after glittering and positive feeling of love. The movie also tries to touch very delicate topic of important values in any long lasting relationship. Values such as trust, forgiveness, individual's own space, understanding partner's need to be understood, time to everyone and being true and honest to self and with the partner.

The movie begins with Farhan Aktar and Vidya Balan getting drunk on a new year's party in a five star hotel; followed by a casual and intimate romance, later being revealed that they are already married and it's just a role play they were into to keep the original feeling of love, romance, need for each other, live and intact. Then the movie rolls around this family telling us about how Farhan is a struggling singer and a dreamer while Vidya is a lead earning member of the family. Then one day the realise that Vidya has got pregnant, the mix of emotions they both go through before deciding ultimately and unanimously that how much they want the Baby taking it's shape inside Vidya. Then how Vidya decides to give up the job, responsibility of earning money for the family falls on Farhan, the personality changes Vidya goes through while becoming a mother with the positive goal of becoming best caring mother in the world, while mistakenly ignoring her husband and his needs towards her in the process. How Farhan strives hard to hold the marriage and relationship together while not losing his sanity....

A fantastic movie educating young generation about some important values of a family relationship, at same time quite entertaining.

How could I miss the last scene in which Vidya has been shown to make a call to Farhan to tell lie that she is busy in a client meeting, while she is not actually... :)

An entertaining, warm and interesting movie.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


For all those IPL and Cricket lovers, you could follow up my updates and Post Match Analysis on my another blog: 

Does blogging help? Do bloggers help build better and responsible society? It has been almost two weeks since I had written about new Pepsi advertisement...

Dear readers,

This is in reference to my post dated 18 April 2015 with the title:
'Ban new Pepsi advertisement!!! And also it’s advisable not to drink Pepsi or any carbonated cold drink on the health grounds. What ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing?'

While I'm having an opportunity to watch regularly Pepsi sponsored IPL tournament in India, it appears to that Pepsi has withdrawn it's controversial ad about which I had mentioned in my post on 18 April 2015.

Be it because of Pepsi's initiative or due to initiative taken by ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ I'm happy to see that such content has been withdrawn which could have impact on delicate, innocent and young minds of school or college going children.

I feel satisfied at the end of the day of my efforts to highlight this issue.

+Akshar  Mitra

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IPL 2015: Virat Kohli and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)...

It has been settled for me that captaincy does not certainly suit Virat Kohli. I had a chance this year to watch him perform since ICC World Cup 2015. My observation so far is he has failed consistently to exhibit certain leadership qualities.

First of all he gets excited for very small achievements, and quite expressive. Certainly not like the cool captain 'M. S. Dhoni' caliber.

Second his performance as a batsman really concerns me, being a fan of Indian Cricket Team. He has failed consistently to perform under pressure. Right since the world cup quarter final till todays IPL game against Rajasthan Royals. The RCB’s victories so far in this IPL should be credited either to Gayle, A B Devilliers, bowlers performance or anybody else other than Virat Kohli. He has not delivered a match winning or the great wall performance. If he has in any match so far, I must have missed it. If we talk about the previous match where RCB defeated RR and RCB had to chase 134 where conditions were in favor of batting, I really do not think that was the pressure situation, which one would expect Captain to stand up for the team. He had apparently many opportunities in this IPL but he stood for none.  Sometimes I doubt if he should hold the position of a player as well in the Indian Cricket Team and giving him a rest for few matches would not do harm to Indian Cricket Team and to VK as well.

I see a great potential in Yuvaraj Singh as a captain of Indian Cricket Team especially in One day (50 overs) or T20 (20 overs) format of the game. His fitness is the concern but I’m sure if given a chance, proper attention and encouragement he would overcome all the physical limitations and could prove to be very useful to hold nation’s flag high in the game of Cricket which is considered to be nation’s pride. Besides, Yuvi has already proved his leadership qualities in Under 19 World Cup, where his team had won the Under 19 World Cup for the India. Such a player is not even counted in the India’s national squad for the world cup. Little dis-heartening.

Virat may be a gentleman and a man of great character, on and off the field, but what matters on the ground while standing with the team of 11, especially for the Captain is the contribution, performance, dependability, consistency and most important maturity…

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Does blogging help? Do bloggers help build better and responsible society? HDFC Bank Ltd. acts +ve

This is in reference to the article posted on this Blog on 11 Dec 2014 and 16 Dec 2014 with the title:
‘Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers’.

These posts were about how ponzi/ con schemes are run by various con players by using the medium and face of the reputed banks.

Yesterday when I had gone to deposit cash at HDFC bank, happened to come across one form at the counter called “Annexure – I” to be filled by the person depositing cash to an account belonging to someone else.  This annexure is basically aiming to seek purpose in writing of the deposit being made(when someone is depositing money to an account not belonging to self).  It also tries to highlight that the purpose of this deposit is NOT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PURPOSES:
1>     Payment towards Job Offer
2>     Payment towards claiming Lottery Winning
3>     Payment towards claiming awards
4>     Payment towards claiming gift, or
5>     Payment towards claiming inheritance

I must admit that these are the general purposes or mediums through which many phishing scams and fraud schemes are being run.

I hereby sincerely appreciate the proactive approach shown by HDFC Bank Ltd. in making it’s customers aware about such possible fraud schemes right at the point where Customer interacts with the Bank for the deposit purpose.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ban new Pepsi advertisement!!! And also it’s advisable not to drink Pepsi or any carbonated cold drink on the health grounds. What ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing?

Just happened to see new Pepsi ad while watching IPL and thought of writing immediately about it. One thirsty guy approaches a food joint and asks for a bottle of water. The shopkeeper at the counter first time pretends as if he is not listening. The thirsty guy repeats his request ‘ek Paani ki bottle dijiye’. The (chhapari – cheap guy) guy at the counter shouts back ‘kyaa’?  (means what?) as if he has not understood what this guy has been asking for. That thirsty guy repeats his request again. Again that chhapari pretends as if he has not understood. Then a kid comes at the counter and says “Bhaiyaa ek Pepsi do”. To which that Chhapari responds asking ‘normal or diet’. The kid says normal.
That shopkeeper gives that boy a normal Pepsi bottle, the Kid leaves the shop. Then this cheapo looks at the first customer who had approached him for the water and gives a cheap smile.

> The advertisement is targeting  Kids to sell the Pepsi, a drink which has been scientifically proven which is not good for health and definitely not good for children
> The advertisement tries to give impression that the person looking for water when he/ she is thirsty is considered shabby, could be taken for granted, humiliated and laughed at. This would affect the psychology of children especially going to school and colleges and would encourage them to grab Pepsi when they are thirsty instead of water which is the best natural and effective solution for the thirst.

I do not understand what ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing while approving release of such advertisements which are against social interest, especially against public health and targeting children and offending their psychology!!!

It’s not just tobacco and liquor products are injurious to health but slow killer products such as Pepsi and other carbonated drinks. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Virat Kohli @ RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) @ IPL and Indian Cricket

Today RCB lost in IPL miserably by the SRH. Virat Kohli must consider himself lucky that he was denied LBW decision by the umpire on the swinging in delivery by Trent Boult. The first game RCB could win because of single handed performance by the Chris Gayle.

While I got a chance to follow cricket closely since the World Cup 2015, I could not help noticing my self Virat’s poor performance since World Cup quarter final. In semi-final against Australia, don’t deny precious, consistent and reliable Shikhar Dhawan lost his wicket because of losing temperament may be or may be wrong shot selection or combination of both. Thanks to Mitchell Johnson who had to open his mouth in 11th over of the Australian attack and in which Shikhar Dhawan seemed to got pulled in, but no worried he had done his role. But then what Virat Kohli did was a grave mistake. The situation required a stable, steel headed batsman with the utmost possible strong technique. Of course India could not bring great wall ‘Dravid’ back after retirement but, we had option then. Option of Ajunkya Rahane. I think Dhoni should have promoted Ajinkya Rahane to one down considering the need of an hour. Openers had set the stage really well…

I personally think Virat Kohli could be great asset to any team if he comes on 4th number i.e. as a 2 down batsman. While his technique and strength is quite good, I personally feel it is not very much dependable for him to face the new and shining ball.

In RCB while Chris Gayle could be expected to pay solid anchor role as an opener, I think AB de Villiers could come as one down who has ability, fitness and skills to blend in any situation and provide great support to the team, Gayle and middle order. Virat Kohli could come as two down to act as game setter. While he has strength, technique and most important the probability of ball losing it’s shine, RCB would be able to make most of these three legends they have on their side.
One must not forget that RCB’s real strength is strong Batting order so, I guess they should make most of it by re-shuffling the batting order.

About Virat, I think in any form of cricket he is coming as a two down batsman could help him to be more consistent, dependable and evolve as a strong captain - leading by performance.

This season I’ve became great fan of Shikhar Dhawan. After Saurav Ganguly I’d  not witnessed such a dependable opener for India in any form of Cricket. Also I like him for his cool, calm, cheerful yet sometimes expressive behavior. He represents young generation of India undoubtedly. Hats off to Shikhar Dhawan! J

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aussies are Pussies!!! India v/s Australia Semi-final (CWC 2015), a must watch game for every Indian cricket lover

Don’t know why I feel like writing this however, I have always felt that the behavior of Australian cricket team on the cricket ground against tough contenders is always a bit feminine. It seems pretty obvious that they just cannot play without their mouth shut and with their pure skills when their opponents are proving to be powerful and stronger than them. And no wonder in the world of Gentlemen’s game such as cricket, gentlemen most often give in to their such feminine behavior  and end up losing the concentration and the match eventually, which unfortunately keep encouraging them to go more and more brutal with their tongues, actions and so called sledging.

A behavior displayed by the Shane Watson against leading Pakistani bowler Wahab in the quarter finals is one such example. While Shane Watson enticed Wahab into a verbal abuse, Wahab responded very sharp, lethal with the very next delivery. What a bouncer it was! And he followed it up well with the walk down and exchange of words. Until his reaction the field umpires seemed to be perfectly fine with the Shane Watson’s crooked act. But when Wahab reacted, the field Umpires became quickly alert and responsive to the situation. Wahab’s bouncer was well directed, fast and very tough for any right handed batsman to fudge with the bat. I am an Indian, having a respect to the right emotions at the right time absolutely salute Wahab for such a fantastic answer.  And what did match referees did? Shane Watson to forgo 15% of his match fees and Wahab to forgo whopping 50% of his match fees. Why such a disparity? Where all these match referees go when Aussies sledge against Indian, Pakistan and West-Indians, ?

In the next encounter of India against Australia in the semi-final match of 2015 CWC , I would certainly be happy if India wins and give strong answer to the Pussiesm by the Australian Cricket Team. However, most important thing I would expect from the man of great character, wisdom, experienced such as Dhoni and his well capable boys to teach a lesson to the Australian team, such that they would think twice before indulging into any kind of immoral sledging next time. Australian cricket team should be compelled to think twice before opening their mouth in front of Indian Cricket Team. Cricket is a religion for Indians, Cricket helps build our character, morals, values, the gentlemen we are but I guess it’s a high time for Indian Cricket Squad to go mad, focused, deadly, furious but mad against the cheap behaviour by the Australian cricket team on the ground!!!

I wish all the best to Indian Cricket Team.

Victory and defeat are the natural outcomes of a match. And we Indians have a heart to accept the defeat after giving in everything the best we can with our skills, efforts and execution. But Australian Cricket Team do not have that heart and character I guess…   

***Of course I have full respect to the females in the world and so please do not misunderstand me otherwise. This post has been written to protest unacceptable behavior by the Australian Cricket Team in the game of cricket which is considered to be a Gentlemen’s game. Also, this article has been written to support the Indian cricket team lead by one of the most worthy Indian captain I’ve witnessed in my lifetime sir M S Dhoni and his great UNITED camp.

***Personally feel sad for Pakistan lost against Australia. But the fight Pakistani Cricket team put against Australia is sincerely appreciable. Yes, it would have been another epic clash of India v/s Pakistan in the semi-finals. But then, it would have been more of a family business and a matter of internal affairs.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

at HDFC Bank ATMs be little more patient and watchful

I remember couple of years before HDFC was running an ad campaign about hi-tech ATMs remember your favourite withdrawal amount and thereby reduces one’s withdrawal time by 40%. (Ad campaign by HDFC Bank ATM)

On the contrary I find HDFC bank’s ATMs quite outdated in comparison to any other bank ATMs using MASTER/VISA cards. At other banks’ ATMs one has to insert the card inside machine and take it out immediately just to enable machine to scan the necessary code and complete the necessary ATM transaction and move out once transaction is completed and walk out quickly. Whereas, HDFC bank ATMs make you keep the card inside the machine while one is doing his/ her transaction. After transaction is complete it takes hell lot of time (in terms of normal expectation) for one to receive the card back. The chances are if customer is in a hurry, more likely he/ she would forget his card inside the machine or to collect the card. This compromises safety of a card in case it falls in wrong hands.
Yes, if card is not collected within certain designated time, it remains stuck inside the machine. But there is still certain time to be lapsed before machine could lock it.

Further the policy of HDFC Bank is if one forgets the card first time in the machine, it could be collected by approaching a nearest bank branch and following some procedures, that does not mean one gets the card immediately. These forgotten cards are collected at some centre managing it’s ATMs and then as per the request received from the customer gets dispatched. However, this procedure is not guaranteed either. Because, when I had forgotten my new card for the first time in the ATM machine, and I had tried to approach the nearest HDFC Bank’s branch in time (same day), they performed the necessary procedures however the response they received from ATM operating team was they did not find my card, whereas I was confident that I’d forgot to collect it. Needless to say I had to apply for the new card and pay charges for the same.

If customer forgets the card for the second time in the ATM machine, HDFC Bank’s policy is to destroy the card! And make customer apply for the new card, which would again attract some charges in that customer’s bank account.

Cannot imagine how many people in India would be forgetting their cards at HDFC bank’s ATMs every year, and thereby Bank issuing new cards to all those customers charging new card charges to their account. Cannot imagine the money HDFC is making per annum due to these faulty and outdated ATMs they have installed. Probably that would answer the question why HDFC Bank is not upgrading it's ATM to match contemporary International Standards followed by all other leading banks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BABY (2015) - Movie Review - lead star cast: Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzongpa, Tapsee Pannu, Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher

Finally, I have managed to publish my eBook. It was such a stress. Writing a book is a different thing and arranging for its sell & distribution is a different thing. I was trying to select appropriate software vendor… may be I would speak about this eBook experience some other time in future. For more details about my first eBook may be you would like to visit my blog:

Today’s post is about the movie ‘BABY’ which I happened to see yesterday with one of my neighbouring friend in a theatre. I was telling my friend probably it’s not a right day while we have chosen to watch this movie, because of probable bomb threats on the occasion of 26th Jan ;). Nooooo… just joking!!!. The crowd was good and in India I don’t think people are so worried about any kind of bomb threats to change their plans, be it work or leisure activities. J J J

I never go for a movie based on previews and when I say that I must also say that probably I would have not gone for this movie as well sheer by its name ‘BABY’.
But then, when my friend asked me, I thought I should not say ‘no’ for it was supposed to be first time going out with him. And then when he briefed me about it, I thought, I personally want to watch this movie. I love thriller and action movies.

About the movie itself, I found it quite good, trying to project different image of India, evolved out of the necessity to protect its people and properties against continuous threats and frequent damages it invites while trying to protect its image of peaceful and peace loving country yet very strong, independent when it comes to defence. I could not help remembering my experience while watching ‘Bourne series’ (one of the best out of many good creations of Hollywood).

I would like to rate this movie 10 out of 10. J J J Although, I would not rate action as good as Jason Bourne’s movies, the concept is dynamic, action scenes are good (in compared to Bollywood standards) , overall story & thrill is quite excellent, and casted very well with multiple stars in it. The movie is about spies being planted in different parts of the world, to eliminate plans of attacking India with any sort of terror, before it could actually become a serious threat here in India. Prevention is always better than cure!!! And so is true about this disease called ‘terrorism’ experienced by the global society these days.

A must watch movie for patriots, and people who like thrill and action in Bollywood style (I personally have love, passion and quite a tolerance towards Bollywood creations).

Anytime it is much more entertaining experience than the 'PK', which had created quite a buzz of late.

Of course, we bachelors had gone for the morning show to save on our ticket costs as usual. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Private tuition, Online tuition, eTuition, Coaching classes really required for students of all age and all academic years?

Dear readers,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in publishing post this week. I’m sure you must NOT have noticed that delay though. J

These days, I’ve been busy writing a book, yes a book! So was kind of pulled away from the blog for a while. I don’t want to talk more about this impossible venture as of now. J

Before we go the today's post, let me share the funny incidence I experienced today morning in the park when I was sitting on a bench and a lady passed by speaking over the phone “ (Hindi)…sirji, aapne jabhi phone kiyaa thha naa, tab mai nahaa rahi thhi, Bathroom main!..”
“(English)… sir, when you had called me, I was taking shower, in the Bathroom!...”

Though in my devil mind: 

(Hindi) Lo! karlo baat! Normally loag bathroom mai hee nahaate hain, aur kahaan nahaate hai? I mean ye mahila kabhi kitchen, hall, bedroom mai nahaati hai toh pataa nahi. I laughed out, even though I was alone. JJJ

(English audience) I was not knowing before I heard this lady, that people bath/ take shower in other rooms of house also. Of course, I’m not aware if this lady takes shower in the hall, kitchen or bedroom though. J J

Just for humor!!!


Main Post:>>>

Parents in India (while I’m not sure about other countries) pretty often come across advertisements such as 'Online tuition, ‘Private tuition’, ‘Personal tuition’, this tuition, that tuition, then 'private coaching classes' for the better future of their children.

Advertisements usually go in some form like this,

‘Your son is not studying? He needs a private tuition! We provide tuition from the people who are IITians.’

‘Your son needs a personal attention. We provide online tuitions.’

Then coaching classes: ‘last year one of our students scored 98%!!!’

…it may go on and on.

I must mention here that I respect all IIT students, qualified IITians and IIT institutes for providing premium quality education in the country. My focus of the discussion today is on students and too much of expectations out of them, not giving them their own space to think what they need. For that matter I respect Education, but then I think it would be inappropriate to value Formal Education only in our life and society.

My question here to parents is do students require so much of guided attention in studies?
Do they all really want to go to private tuitions, coaching classes?

Yes, I don’t deny that certain important years of academics, children need to be disciplined, and focusing on studies so that they don’t miss the bus of career options for their better future. But do they need tuitions, classes for every academic year? For e.g. 1st standard, 2nd standard, 3rd standard…

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Students usually spend 5-6 hours in a school or college. Daily commuting time on an average 1 hour.  Then 8-10 hours for sleep.  Now, whatever time is left i.e. of 7-9 hours, I think it would good to let them live their own life, enjoy their life, apart from doing studies on their own. Because those precious moments of young age do not come again in life with that freedom, that age, that thinking, and endless zeal to dream. Things they want to try, things they want to do apart from studies, like sports, spending time with friends, reading, internet surfing, cooking, etc.

I think it would be good enough for parents to just ensure that, their children know what is wrong and what is right, what is ethical and what is not. Make sure they don’t waste or abuse the freedom you are giving them and know their boundaries. Of course they would make mistakes, but then ensure they learn from their mistakes. Monitor them don't try to control them.

Everyone is not alike, and not meant to be alike. So don’t try to control your children’s life by forcing them to be part of the competition which probably their soul and mind does not want…

Friday, January 2, 2015

My analysis of the news “Uber horror: Delhi police nab rapist cab driver in Mathura”

Dear readers,

Wish you all happy, prosperous and healthy 2015!!!

…continued from previous post

Yesterday I happened to come across an updated post on  about the topic under discussion at the moment on this blog. I’m not a regular reader of or for that matter anything J. However, since I came across this post would like to share this with you.

The post has been titled >>> Uber cab rape victim breaks her silence:  See something, say something

Sincerely appreciate the struggle that victim girl is going through and support the decisions, actions and stand she and her family took after the incidence took place.

While continuing from the previous post, my next point of analysis is about the company ‘Uber’

Point# 3

One point worth notable from the original post I had come across on MSN is ‘all it required for that driver to compromise safety is mere deletion of a smartphone app’???
What fucking non-sense!!! On what basis this international company called ‘Uber’
has been claiming to be safer alternative for women in Indian cities like New Delhi. (Thank God ‘Uber’ is at least not claiming to be SAFEST alternative for women safety! So appreciate its honesty. ;))

I thought of checking about this company on internet. First thought came to my mind was of course to check for details on

The third paragraph from the article on says:
‘Uber is the subject of ongoing protests from taxi drivers, taxi companies and governments who believe that it is an illegal taxicab operation that engages in unfair business practices and compromises passenger safety. As of December 2014, protests have been staged in Germany, India, Spain, France, and England, among other nations, while incidents involving passengers have been documented. In December 2014, Uber was banned in Spain, and two cities in India, and continues to be involved in dispute with several governmental bodies, including those of the U.S. and Australia.’

I wonder why should Indian people trust so much on this company? Simplest thing that driver could do was delete the smartphone app? Could not company like ‘Uber’ build safety feature with every cab driver that application could not be deleted by anyone but by authorised company personnel after cab driver reports at nearest company office (to ensure there is no passenger in the cab and all his next scheduled pick-ups have been cancelled by informing respective passengers and rescheduling the same with other available cab drivers) before he (any driver) could walk out of the network? However, with such feature the next question comes to my mind is may be ‘Uber’ is struggling to find cabs for its network? May be… may be not. And this easy join, easy exit option may be one attractive feature to pull in more cab drivers as possible, while both company and cab drivers are struggling to reach comfort zone before they could trust each other for long term business relationship. May be… may be not.

The old post says after the incident being reported ‘Uber’ company released the following statement:
“We became aware of the incident this morning. Safety is Uber's highest priority and we take situations like this very seriously. We are working with the police as they investigate, and will assist them in any way we can to determine what happened. It is also our policy to immediately suspend a driver's account following allegations of a serious incident, which we have done. In India, we work with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information, and ETA-sharing to ensure there is accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform.”

I read this statement and could not help myself but smiled ironically.

Uber says. “Safety is Uber's highest priority and we take situations like this very seriously.”  The question pops up in my mind is, ‘is India the first country where this company has launched its operations?’ Uber has been founded in March 2009 in The United States. Uber has been operating in many countries, banned in Spain and has been in dispute in many countries for unfair business practices and compromising passenger safety.  (source Wikipedia article).
How seriously Uber has taken such incidences so far to make its application more intelligent and smart? One need not be so intelligent to make a smart guess on this one.

Next ‘Uber’ statement says: “We are working with the police as they investigate, and will assist them in any way we can to determine what happened”
Most important thing ‘Uber’ has to understand here that, The Driver deleted smartphone application!!!

Further ‘Uber’ statement says, “In India, we work with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information, and ETA-sharing to ensure there is accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform.”
Which layers of safeguards????? Today’s post on where Victim has spoken out further on this: “And Uber, the taxi-hailing service that I had trusted, had employed a driver with a criminal background, without a (Public Service Vehicle) badge. I later learnt that they had also neglected a complaint by another female passenger, Nidhi Shah, about driver Shiv Kumar Yadav’s conduct, and failed to take action.”
I wonder if Uber meant ‘layers of safeguards’ or ‘veils ignoring safeguards'?

I think there should be general public protest against this company by not opting for its cab network.
Not just in Delhi but anywhere in India wherever this company has been operating at the moment. But then the next question is how many other and better and more reliable options are available to the general public?

Certainly, efforts of the Delhi Police are worth appreciable while arresting criminal in time.

The next question is how strong case they would be able to build and what course of action the existing Legal system takes/ decides to punish the criminal to discourage such incidences in future.