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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aussies are Pussies!!! India v/s Australia Semi-final (CWC 2015), a must watch game for every Indian cricket lover

Don’t know why I feel like writing this however, I have always felt that the behavior of Australian cricket team on the cricket ground against tough contenders is always a bit feminine. It seems pretty obvious that they just cannot play without their mouth shut and with their pure skills when their opponents are proving to be powerful and stronger than them. And no wonder in the world of Gentlemen’s game such as cricket, gentlemen most often give in to their such feminine behavior  and end up losing the concentration and the match eventually, which unfortunately keep encouraging them to go more and more brutal with their tongues, actions and so called sledging.

A behavior displayed by the Shane Watson against leading Pakistani bowler Wahab in the quarter finals is one such example. While Shane Watson enticed Wahab into a verbal abuse, Wahab responded very sharp, lethal with the very next delivery. What a bouncer it was! And he followed it up well with the walk down and exchange of words. Until his reaction the field umpires seemed to be perfectly fine with the Shane Watson’s crooked act. But when Wahab reacted, the field Umpires became quickly alert and responsive to the situation. Wahab’s bouncer was well directed, fast and very tough for any right handed batsman to fudge with the bat. I am an Indian, having a respect to the right emotions at the right time absolutely salute Wahab for such a fantastic answer.  And what did match referees did? Shane Watson to forgo 15% of his match fees and Wahab to forgo whopping 50% of his match fees. Why such a disparity? Where all these match referees go when Aussies sledge against Indian, Pakistan and West-Indians, ?

In the next encounter of India against Australia in the semi-final match of 2015 CWC , I would certainly be happy if India wins and give strong answer to the Pussiesm by the Australian Cricket Team. However, most important thing I would expect from the man of great character, wisdom, experienced such as Dhoni and his well capable boys to teach a lesson to the Australian team, such that they would think twice before indulging into any kind of immoral sledging next time. Australian cricket team should be compelled to think twice before opening their mouth in front of Indian Cricket Team. Cricket is a religion for Indians, Cricket helps build our character, morals, values, the gentlemen we are but I guess it’s a high time for Indian Cricket Squad to go mad, focused, deadly, furious but mad against the cheap behaviour by the Australian cricket team on the ground!!!

I wish all the best to Indian Cricket Team.

Victory and defeat are the natural outcomes of a match. And we Indians have a heart to accept the defeat after giving in everything the best we can with our skills, efforts and execution. But Australian Cricket Team do not have that heart and character I guess…   

***Of course I have full respect to the females in the world and so please do not misunderstand me otherwise. This post has been written to protest unacceptable behavior by the Australian Cricket Team in the game of cricket which is considered to be a Gentlemen’s game. Also, this article has been written to support the Indian cricket team lead by one of the most worthy Indian captain I’ve witnessed in my lifetime sir M S Dhoni and his great UNITED camp.

***Personally feel sad for Pakistan lost against Australia. But the fight Pakistani Cricket team put against Australia is sincerely appreciable. Yes, it would have been another epic clash of India v/s Pakistan in the semi-finals. But then, it would have been more of a family business and a matter of internal affairs.  

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