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Monday, April 13, 2015

Virat Kohli @ RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) @ IPL and Indian Cricket

Today RCB lost in IPL miserably by the SRH. Virat Kohli must consider himself lucky that he was denied LBW decision by the umpire on the swinging in delivery by Trent Boult. The first game RCB could win because of single handed performance by the Chris Gayle.

While I got a chance to follow cricket closely since the World Cup 2015, I could not help noticing my self Virat’s poor performance since World Cup quarter final. In semi-final against Australia, don’t deny precious, consistent and reliable Shikhar Dhawan lost his wicket because of losing temperament may be or may be wrong shot selection or combination of both. Thanks to Mitchell Johnson who had to open his mouth in 11th over of the Australian attack and in which Shikhar Dhawan seemed to got pulled in, but no worried he had done his role. But then what Virat Kohli did was a grave mistake. The situation required a stable, steel headed batsman with the utmost possible strong technique. Of course India could not bring great wall ‘Dravid’ back after retirement but, we had option then. Option of Ajunkya Rahane. I think Dhoni should have promoted Ajinkya Rahane to one down considering the need of an hour. Openers had set the stage really well…

I personally think Virat Kohli could be great asset to any team if he comes on 4th number i.e. as a 2 down batsman. While his technique and strength is quite good, I personally feel it is not very much dependable for him to face the new and shining ball.

In RCB while Chris Gayle could be expected to pay solid anchor role as an opener, I think AB de Villiers could come as one down who has ability, fitness and skills to blend in any situation and provide great support to the team, Gayle and middle order. Virat Kohli could come as two down to act as game setter. While he has strength, technique and most important the probability of ball losing it’s shine, RCB would be able to make most of these three legends they have on their side.
One must not forget that RCB’s real strength is strong Batting order so, I guess they should make most of it by re-shuffling the batting order.

About Virat, I think in any form of cricket he is coming as a two down batsman could help him to be more consistent, dependable and evolve as a strong captain - leading by performance.

This season I’ve became great fan of Shikhar Dhawan. After Saurav Ganguly I’d  not witnessed such a dependable opener for India in any form of Cricket. Also I like him for his cool, calm, cheerful yet sometimes expressive behavior. He represents young generation of India undoubtedly. Hats off to Shikhar Dhawan! J

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