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Friday, February 20, 2015

at HDFC Bank ATMs be little more patient and watchful

I remember couple of years before HDFC was running an ad campaign about hi-tech ATMs remember your favourite withdrawal amount and thereby reduces one’s withdrawal time by 40%. (Ad campaign by HDFC Bank ATM)

On the contrary I find HDFC bank’s ATMs quite outdated in comparison to any other bank ATMs using MASTER/VISA cards. At other banks’ ATMs one has to insert the card inside machine and take it out immediately just to enable machine to scan the necessary code and complete the necessary ATM transaction and move out once transaction is completed and walk out quickly. Whereas, HDFC bank ATMs make you keep the card inside the machine while one is doing his/ her transaction. After transaction is complete it takes hell lot of time (in terms of normal expectation) for one to receive the card back. The chances are if customer is in a hurry, more likely he/ she would forget his card inside the machine or to collect the card. This compromises safety of a card in case it falls in wrong hands.
Yes, if card is not collected within certain designated time, it remains stuck inside the machine. But there is still certain time to be lapsed before machine could lock it.

Further the policy of HDFC Bank is if one forgets the card first time in the machine, it could be collected by approaching a nearest bank branch and following some procedures, that does not mean one gets the card immediately. These forgotten cards are collected at some centre managing it’s ATMs and then as per the request received from the customer gets dispatched. However, this procedure is not guaranteed either. Because, when I had forgotten my new card for the first time in the ATM machine, and I had tried to approach the nearest HDFC Bank’s branch in time (same day), they performed the necessary procedures however the response they received from ATM operating team was they did not find my card, whereas I was confident that I’d forgot to collect it. Needless to say I had to apply for the new card and pay charges for the same.

If customer forgets the card for the second time in the ATM machine, HDFC Bank’s policy is to destroy the card! And make customer apply for the new card, which would again attract some charges in that customer’s bank account.

Cannot imagine how many people in India would be forgetting their cards at HDFC bank’s ATMs every year, and thereby Bank issuing new cards to all those customers charging new card charges to their account. Cannot imagine the money HDFC is making per annum due to these faulty and outdated ATMs they have installed. Probably that would answer the question why HDFC Bank is not upgrading it's ATM to match contemporary International Standards followed by all other leading banks.

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