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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ban new Pepsi advertisement!!! And also it’s advisable not to drink Pepsi or any carbonated cold drink on the health grounds. What ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing?

Just happened to see new Pepsi ad while watching IPL and thought of writing immediately about it. One thirsty guy approaches a food joint and asks for a bottle of water. The shopkeeper at the counter first time pretends as if he is not listening. The thirsty guy repeats his request ‘ek Paani ki bottle dijiye’. The (chhapari – cheap guy) guy at the counter shouts back ‘kyaa’?  (means what?) as if he has not understood what this guy has been asking for. That thirsty guy repeats his request again. Again that chhapari pretends as if he has not understood. Then a kid comes at the counter and says “Bhaiyaa ek Pepsi do”. To which that Chhapari responds asking ‘normal or diet’. The kid says normal.
That shopkeeper gives that boy a normal Pepsi bottle, the Kid leaves the shop. Then this cheapo looks at the first customer who had approached him for the water and gives a cheap smile.

> The advertisement is targeting  Kids to sell the Pepsi, a drink which has been scientifically proven which is not good for health and definitely not good for children
> The advertisement tries to give impression that the person looking for water when he/ she is thirsty is considered shabby, could be taken for granted, humiliated and laughed at. This would affect the psychology of children especially going to school and colleges and would encourage them to grab Pepsi when they are thirsty instead of water which is the best natural and effective solution for the thirst.

I do not understand what ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing while approving release of such advertisements which are against social interest, especially against public health and targeting children and offending their psychology!!!

It’s not just tobacco and liquor products are injurious to health but slow killer products such as Pepsi and other carbonated drinks. 

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