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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Does blogging help? Do bloggers help build better and responsible society? It has been almost two weeks since I had written about new Pepsi advertisement...

Dear readers,

This is in reference to my post dated 18 April 2015 with the title:
'Ban new Pepsi advertisement!!! And also it’s advisable not to drink Pepsi or any carbonated cold drink on the health grounds. What ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ has been doing?'

While I'm having an opportunity to watch regularly Pepsi sponsored IPL tournament in India, it appears to that Pepsi has withdrawn it's controversial ad about which I had mentioned in my post on 18 April 2015.

Be it because of Pepsi's initiative or due to initiative taken by ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ I'm happy to see that such content has been withdrawn which could have impact on delicate, innocent and young minds of school or college going children.

I feel satisfied at the end of the day of my efforts to highlight this issue.

+Akshar  Mitra

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