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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BABY (2015) - Movie Review - lead star cast: Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzongpa, Tapsee Pannu, Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher

Finally, I have managed to publish my eBook. It was such a stress. Writing a book is a different thing and arranging for its sell & distribution is a different thing. I was trying to select appropriate software vendor… may be I would speak about this eBook experience some other time in future. For more details about my first eBook may be you would like to visit my blog:

Today’s post is about the movie ‘BABY’ which I happened to see yesterday with one of my neighbouring friend in a theatre. I was telling my friend probably it’s not a right day while we have chosen to watch this movie, because of probable bomb threats on the occasion of 26th Jan ;). Nooooo… just joking!!!. The crowd was good and in India I don’t think people are so worried about any kind of bomb threats to change their plans, be it work or leisure activities. J J J

I never go for a movie based on previews and when I say that I must also say that probably I would have not gone for this movie as well sheer by its name ‘BABY’.
But then, when my friend asked me, I thought I should not say ‘no’ for it was supposed to be first time going out with him. And then when he briefed me about it, I thought, I personally want to watch this movie. I love thriller and action movies.

About the movie itself, I found it quite good, trying to project different image of India, evolved out of the necessity to protect its people and properties against continuous threats and frequent damages it invites while trying to protect its image of peaceful and peace loving country yet very strong, independent when it comes to defence. I could not help remembering my experience while watching ‘Bourne series’ (one of the best out of many good creations of Hollywood).

I would like to rate this movie 10 out of 10. J J J Although, I would not rate action as good as Jason Bourne’s movies, the concept is dynamic, action scenes are good (in compared to Bollywood standards) , overall story & thrill is quite excellent, and casted very well with multiple stars in it. The movie is about spies being planted in different parts of the world, to eliminate plans of attacking India with any sort of terror, before it could actually become a serious threat here in India. Prevention is always better than cure!!! And so is true about this disease called ‘terrorism’ experienced by the global society these days.

A must watch movie for patriots, and people who like thrill and action in Bollywood style (I personally have love, passion and quite a tolerance towards Bollywood creations).

Anytime it is much more entertaining experience than the 'PK', which had created quite a buzz of late.

Of course, we bachelors had gone for the morning show to save on our ticket costs as usual. 

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