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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Does blogging help? Do bloggers help build better and responsible society? HDFC Bank Ltd. acts +ve

This is in reference to the article posted on this Blog on 11 Dec 2014 and 16 Dec 2014 with the title:
‘Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers’.

These posts were about how ponzi/ con schemes are run by various con players by using the medium and face of the reputed banks.

Yesterday when I had gone to deposit cash at HDFC bank, happened to come across one form at the counter called “Annexure – I” to be filled by the person depositing cash to an account belonging to someone else.  This annexure is basically aiming to seek purpose in writing of the deposit being made(when someone is depositing money to an account not belonging to self).  It also tries to highlight that the purpose of this deposit is NOT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PURPOSES:
1>     Payment towards Job Offer
2>     Payment towards claiming Lottery Winning
3>     Payment towards claiming awards
4>     Payment towards claiming gift, or
5>     Payment towards claiming inheritance

I must admit that these are the general purposes or mediums through which many phishing scams and fraud schemes are being run.

I hereby sincerely appreciate the proactive approach shown by HDFC Bank Ltd. in making it’s customers aware about such possible fraud schemes right at the point where Customer interacts with the Bank for the deposit purpose.

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