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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My analysis of the news “Uber horror: Delhi police nab rapist cab driver in Mathura”

Today’s post is based on a news which is not so old and had flashed again the painful memories of the safety of a woman in India especially in Delhi-Gurgaon area.

While reading the news below points came to my mind:

Point# 1

I could not help thinking what must have made that drunken woman to leave the party alone late night to return to her home? Could not someone from the party accompany her? Or maybe she could have called someone from the house (family) or friends to come and pick her up.

I admit my opinion would sound little controversial, however knowing that, such incidents are quite frequent in India, especially in Delhi-Gurgaon area, where Women’s safety is in question, I think it would not be improper on my part to expect a woman to take care of necessary precautions.
I’m sure any family person of reasonable intelligence and judgement would agree with me on this point.

Till the time surroundings are not safe, one would expect a female to adopt possible safety measures
especially when staying outside late night for any reason.

Do not get me wrong here, I’m not a person who is pointing fingers to the woman, just trying to think the way, normal family person would.

On this note I think most likely this incident could have certainly been avoided….

Point# 2

Next thing which came to my mind was what if that driver had actually thrust an ‘iron rod’  in her stomach or for some reason had stabbed her  or killed her. I wonder to what extent this investigation could have been easy to pursue? Had it been possible to the police to zero down on that driver so easily knowing he had deleted the UBER smartphone application in his mobile? And (let’s assume that Kaanoon ke haath lambey hote hain!) even if he could have been caught, how strong the case would have been, if he was smart enough not to leave any evidence behind.  

to be continued in the next post…

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

(my) Review of latest Bollywood movie PK, lead star cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma

Yesterday Dec 22 I had gone to watch Aamir Khan’s latest movie released on Dec 19. Normally I pick my movies to be watched at Theatre on my own gut feelings rather than going through reviews in Media. This was one of such movies mainly because of my favourite star ‘Aamir Khan’.

As usual I had thought that, since it’s a weekday and morning show, I would not have to pay more than Rs. 120/- for a seat at INOX. However to my surprise 12:15 hrs show was being sold at RS. 350/- per seat.  May be because it is festive season???  Whatever, did not think much about it, just bought the ticket.

It turned out to be quite different yet enriched experience. The movie revolves around the concept of connection with the God. The argument put across in this movie is very simple, basic and yet which gets ignored by most religious people on this planet.
‘Why does one need to have a middleman to be connected with the God?
Why people have to distinguish/ differentiate other people based on religion?
Who formed these different religions and various accepted norms in it which do not make sense to the humanity?
The concept of different religions does not make sense behind the idea of creation of this world.’

Although, the concept is not new to us on the grounds of spirituality, one must appreciate the idea the way this topic has been handled intelligently by flipping the term ‘Wrong Number’ in this movie. The movie has been framed around experiences an alien has to go through while trying to recover his stolen ‘remote control’ to call the spaceship so that he could return to his planet.

Overall I would rate this movie with 8/10.

Modern society needs such awareness of the entire human race on this planet. The knowledge not limited by religions, which are formed for the benefit of few acclaimed managers/ priests by fooling the common man by fearing/ scaring him/her.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers

… continued from previous post.

Next day I received a call from that female executive.

Executive: Good morning sir! (introduced herself) What have you decided then?

I: Is the offer still open? I think you said it was supposed to get lapsed yesterday itself.
Executive: No sir, offer is still open. Also we have many other clients. So are you making online payment or not?

I: ok.

Executive:  she told me to log in to their website which is  The moment I logged into that site, on the top of it, it’s mentioned  ‘100% guarantee’.

(My mind immediately signalled me, this has to be some con scheme. No trusted job portal in the world would be able guarantee  100% success, especially since the success in being hired depends a lost on the candidate’s profile,  market demand, last the performance of candidate at interview as well of course after being considered for the probable job. Besides, this girl is not sure whether I’m a software professional or a physical trainer at school.)

Executive: Sir, please keep your credit card ready.

I: hang on. I’m not comfortable with credit card payment. I do not understand where the payment would be credited?  I do not have any of your local office contact as well, where I can reach out  if I need any further help, advice or guidance (I’d actually meant help!).

Executive: Sir, aap itna educated ho! (Sir, you are so much educated). Online payment should not be a problem for you sir. Online payment is safe sir. Sir, what is the problem?

I: I’m not comfortable.

(After that, executive placed the call on hold. Couple of minutes later one male officer came on the phone. As he informed he was her supervisor.)

Supervisor: Sir, what is the problem with online payment? If you want to make payment at Local office, we are based in NOIDA (Delhi). Would you like to come here and make payment?

I: I’m not comfortable with all this set up.

Supervisor: Sir, would you like to make a cash deposit in the Bank Account then?

I: Yes, that sounds better.

(Supervisor told the girl to provide me with information of bank account details. The bank details they provided showed that they were able to open a Business account (Current account) account with HDFC Bank Ltd. being one of the leading Private Sector Bank in India.

I could only imagine what procedures, criteria must have been fulfilled and checks and verification must have happened to be able to open a Corporate Account with the leading private sector bank in India.

I noted down the details. That female executive kept calling me in the afternoon again and again (must be to check, if I’d deposited cash or not). I never answered that phone call.)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers

Dear readers,

Wish you happy Friday and weekend ahead. 
Today I thought of writing on a topic to make my readers and their friends, families and affiliates to make aware of some uncomfortable experience I came across. May be my doubt is incorrect, however let me place the facts in front of you:

Couple of weeks before I’d received a call from claiming to have office situated in Gurgaon/ Delhi (India). It was regarding a job offer. The girl executive who called me was not even able to speak English properly, so the most of the conversation was happening in Hindi. 

The call I received was in the evening at around 1830-1835 hrs. She was telling me that, sir we have an excellent job offer, matching for your profile. She was not able to pronounce my existing company name either.

I was not very comfortable speaking to that executive, however for some reason I decided to continue with the call while I was having a little bit of free time.

Executive: Sir you are a software professional, and this particular job would suit your profile.

I : (I thought of playing little smart on this) I’m not a software professional. I think you must have got the wrong profile. 

Executive: Sir where do you work then? What is your job profile?

I: I said I’m a Physical Trainer in one school. My specialty is to coach soccer.

Executive: Sir I’ve got two profiles here, one for the Software professional and another for a school teacher.  (Lo karlo baat!!!) (she did not even bother to ask me which school? Then,) Sir, we have reputed universities and colleges also as our clients. I need to submit your profile today in next 1 hour.

I: ok. Please submit then.

Executive: Sir, you will have to become a member of our services by paying Rs. 1800/-

I: ok. Please give me your local office address where I can visit and pay this amount.

Executive: Sir, you have to pay the amount now. In next one hour I have to submit your profile. Otherwise you will lose this job opportunity.

I: no no. Please! I need that job. Don’t you have office in the city where I’m staying.

Executive: which city you are currently staying in Sir?

I: (lied) Mumbai!

Executive: we do not have our office in Mumbai, but we do have office in Calcutta, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

I : Oh no! I’m not comfortable with online payment though.

Executive: Sir you are well educated. Online payment is very safe. You should be knowing this much at least.

I: No. I’m not comfortable. I need some time to think.

Executive: Sir, you will lose this job opportunity if I do not submit your profile in next hour.

I: Call me in next 30 minutes. I need some time to think over. Let me decide.

Executive:  ok sir I’ll call you 1915 hrs.

I: you guys work so late?

Executive: Yes sir. We have lots of work. So many applications to be processed in very short time.

I: ok. Call me at 1915 hrs. then

At 1915 hrs sharp that girl tried to call me. I did not pick up the call. She tried calling more than 3-4 times. I did not pick up the call at all. 

I wondered if she would be calling me next morning again. I was almost sure that she would.

Then she calls me next day morning.

To be continued in next post...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you think one’s presence on LinkedIn is subject to ‘Abuse of Privacy’?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most popular professional networking site has one feature, by which one would be able to ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile’. This option is available in Account & Settings > Privacy & Settings > Privacy Controls
It provides three options viz.
1>     Your name and headline (Recommended)
2>     Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title
3>     You will be totally anonymous

I’m trying to discuss and bring to your attention option no. 3 and no.2. Although LinkedIn smartly puts a word: ‘Recommended’ next to option 1, I am not able to understand why does it provide option 2 & 3 at first instance?

It is like someone is able to check my professional history and background without letting me know his/ her true identity. That ‘someone’ could be anyone. In the world of career and profession where it’s tough to establish network of trust I think LinkedIn should not ideally provide any option for any 3rd person to check profile anonymously. I believe it is a matter of professional ethics, transparency and openness.

Normally one would not check anyone else’s profile on LinkedIn without any purpose or a cause. In such instance I do not understand why that person whose profile is being checked should remain ignorant about the viewer’s identity.

On the top of it LinkedIn tries to promote members to go for (buy) it’s premium account or basically it’s paid account services with the intention of being able to see people’s identity who have checked their profile.

Do you all think that, LinkedIn has adopted one cheap marketing strategy to increase it’s paid membership base by causing unnecessary discomfort and anxiety to it’s existing free account members?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Continued from previous post >>> Courtesy and Polite behavior which is a rare commodity among (we) Indians who claimed to have great history of 'Indian Culture' behind

This is to continue from my previous post:

I do not mean to criticize we Indians, however this is usual observation and experience so far about an average Indian I have came across:

1.       Generally we Indians do not like to stand in a queue. We think it’s a burden on our soul to wait and stand in a queue. Even though there are people already waiting for their turn before us, we think we should not be waiting and standing in a queue. It’s just not in a blood to respect society, follow discipline. It’s all about me.

2.       Also normally one would not find people in the queue standing in a straight line. It would be either in a snake shape (zigzag) OR tilting towards left or right, generally in a snake shape. Explanation could be that, we Indians do not like to trust the next person J and want to have the clear picture of what is happening in front, like if the queue is moving smoothly, or why it is not moving smoothly, if anyone is trying to act smart and trying to get in to the queue illegally or if anyone (who is not in the queue) is trying to seek favour from the one already standing in a queue.

3.       We Indians respect girls and females (I mean average Indian, not speaking about rapists), but females do not respect females ;)). I mean if any man is trying to act smart to avoid long queue by becoming over-smart and if other people see that happening, they would resist. But in case! Any female trying to do the same thing, people who would resist are females only. J

4.       Plus, I do not understand why general population get overwhelmed by the people who usually wear little rich ‘n power dressing and speaking English quite fluently with little-bit of accent. Such people are always respected and awed at. Though this trend is falling with the passage of time, while most Indians are getting quite familiar with English now, not that psychology has changed ;)

5.       Other strange thing I have noticed usually is that quite educated, white-collar people on a break during office hours would be smoking by the nearest restaurant, just in the area where ‘No-Smoking Zone’ board has been put up with quite obvious signature and clear written message. One would be able to notice them standing royally with a cup/ glass of tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand, as if it’s their own Kingdom. 
      Who cares about the social responsibility here?