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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bollywood Movie: 'Shaadi ke side effects'. Lead starcast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan

I had a chance to see this movie last weekend on the cable. Usually I like movies acted in by Farhan Akhtar and also Vidya Balan. Although I must admit that somehow I do not find these two very glamorous and attractive, they always bring substance to the movie by making best possible justice to the role that they are casting.

This is one of very few movies from Bollywood which actually shows what happens in married life after glittering and positive feeling of love. The movie also tries to touch very delicate topic of important values in any long lasting relationship. Values such as trust, forgiveness, individual's own space, understanding partner's need to be understood, time to everyone and being true and honest to self and with the partner.

The movie begins with Farhan Aktar and Vidya Balan getting drunk on a new year's party in a five star hotel; followed by a casual and intimate romance, later being revealed that they are already married and it's just a role play they were into to keep the original feeling of love, romance, need for each other, live and intact. Then the movie rolls around this family telling us about how Farhan is a struggling singer and a dreamer while Vidya is a lead earning member of the family. Then one day the realise that Vidya has got pregnant, the mix of emotions they both go through before deciding ultimately and unanimously that how much they want the Baby taking it's shape inside Vidya. Then how Vidya decides to give up the job, responsibility of earning money for the family falls on Farhan, the personality changes Vidya goes through while becoming a mother with the positive goal of becoming best caring mother in the world, while mistakenly ignoring her husband and his needs towards her in the process. How Farhan strives hard to hold the marriage and relationship together while not losing his sanity....

A fantastic movie educating young generation about some important values of a family relationship, at same time quite entertaining.

How could I miss the last scene in which Vidya has been shown to make a call to Farhan to tell lie that she is busy in a client meeting, while she is not actually... :)

An entertaining, warm and interesting movie.

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