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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Continued from previous post >>> Courtesy and Polite behavior which is a rare commodity among (we) Indians who claimed to have great history of 'Indian Culture' behind

This is to continue from my previous post:

I do not mean to criticize we Indians, however this is usual observation and experience so far about an average Indian I have came across:

1.       Generally we Indians do not like to stand in a queue. We think it’s a burden on our soul to wait and stand in a queue. Even though there are people already waiting for their turn before us, we think we should not be waiting and standing in a queue. It’s just not in a blood to respect society, follow discipline. It’s all about me.

2.       Also normally one would not find people in the queue standing in a straight line. It would be either in a snake shape (zigzag) OR tilting towards left or right, generally in a snake shape. Explanation could be that, we Indians do not like to trust the next person J and want to have the clear picture of what is happening in front, like if the queue is moving smoothly, or why it is not moving smoothly, if anyone is trying to act smart and trying to get in to the queue illegally or if anyone (who is not in the queue) is trying to seek favour from the one already standing in a queue.

3.       We Indians respect girls and females (I mean average Indian, not speaking about rapists), but females do not respect females ;)). I mean if any man is trying to act smart to avoid long queue by becoming over-smart and if other people see that happening, they would resist. But in case! Any female trying to do the same thing, people who would resist are females only. J

4.       Plus, I do not understand why general population get overwhelmed by the people who usually wear little rich ‘n power dressing and speaking English quite fluently with little-bit of accent. Such people are always respected and awed at. Though this trend is falling with the passage of time, while most Indians are getting quite familiar with English now, not that psychology has changed ;)

5.       Other strange thing I have noticed usually is that quite educated, white-collar people on a break during office hours would be smoking by the nearest restaurant, just in the area where ‘No-Smoking Zone’ board has been put up with quite obvious signature and clear written message. One would be able to notice them standing royally with a cup/ glass of tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand, as if it’s their own Kingdom. 
      Who cares about the social responsibility here? 

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