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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers

Dear readers,

Wish you happy Friday and weekend ahead. 
Today I thought of writing on a topic to make my readers and their friends, families and affiliates to make aware of some uncomfortable experience I came across. May be my doubt is incorrect, however let me place the facts in front of you:

Couple of weeks before I’d received a call from claiming to have office situated in Gurgaon/ Delhi (India). It was regarding a job offer. The girl executive who called me was not even able to speak English properly, so the most of the conversation was happening in Hindi. 

The call I received was in the evening at around 1830-1835 hrs. She was telling me that, sir we have an excellent job offer, matching for your profile. She was not able to pronounce my existing company name either.

I was not very comfortable speaking to that executive, however for some reason I decided to continue with the call while I was having a little bit of free time.

Executive: Sir you are a software professional, and this particular job would suit your profile.

I : (I thought of playing little smart on this) I’m not a software professional. I think you must have got the wrong profile. 

Executive: Sir where do you work then? What is your job profile?

I: I said I’m a Physical Trainer in one school. My specialty is to coach soccer.

Executive: Sir I’ve got two profiles here, one for the Software professional and another for a school teacher.  (Lo karlo baat!!!) (she did not even bother to ask me which school? Then,) Sir, we have reputed universities and colleges also as our clients. I need to submit your profile today in next 1 hour.

I: ok. Please submit then.

Executive: Sir, you will have to become a member of our services by paying Rs. 1800/-

I: ok. Please give me your local office address where I can visit and pay this amount.

Executive: Sir, you have to pay the amount now. In next one hour I have to submit your profile. Otherwise you will lose this job opportunity.

I: no no. Please! I need that job. Don’t you have office in the city where I’m staying.

Executive: which city you are currently staying in Sir?

I: (lied) Mumbai!

Executive: we do not have our office in Mumbai, but we do have office in Calcutta, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

I : Oh no! I’m not comfortable with online payment though.

Executive: Sir you are well educated. Online payment is very safe. You should be knowing this much at least.

I: No. I’m not comfortable. I need some time to think.

Executive: Sir, you will lose this job opportunity if I do not submit your profile in next hour.

I: Call me in next 30 minutes. I need some time to think over. Let me decide.

Executive:  ok sir I’ll call you 1915 hrs.

I: you guys work so late?

Executive: Yes sir. We have lots of work. So many applications to be processed in very short time.

I: ok. Call me at 1915 hrs. then

At 1915 hrs sharp that girl tried to call me. I did not pick up the call. She tried calling more than 3-4 times. I did not pick up the call at all. 

I wondered if she would be calling me next morning again. I was almost sure that she would.

Then she calls me next day morning.

To be continued in next post...


  1. Good Lord. There was a time when Fraud was rare in the Society. Today we breathe fraud as it's found in every aspect of our life. At one time people were busy inventing and discovering things that were useful for mankind. Today, people are busy inventing and discovering every fraudulent method to cheat manking.

  2. :))) fabulous comment FayazBhai!!! agree, there are some group of people totally busy inventing fraudulent methods, just that it hurts to know the cause is something considered very noble such as Job! and victims are people who are in the need of it badly.