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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

(my) Review of latest Bollywood movie PK, lead star cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma

Yesterday Dec 22 I had gone to watch Aamir Khan’s latest movie released on Dec 19. Normally I pick my movies to be watched at Theatre on my own gut feelings rather than going through reviews in Media. This was one of such movies mainly because of my favourite star ‘Aamir Khan’.

As usual I had thought that, since it’s a weekday and morning show, I would not have to pay more than Rs. 120/- for a seat at INOX. However to my surprise 12:15 hrs show was being sold at RS. 350/- per seat.  May be because it is festive season???  Whatever, did not think much about it, just bought the ticket.

It turned out to be quite different yet enriched experience. The movie revolves around the concept of connection with the God. The argument put across in this movie is very simple, basic and yet which gets ignored by most religious people on this planet.
‘Why does one need to have a middleman to be connected with the God?
Why people have to distinguish/ differentiate other people based on religion?
Who formed these different religions and various accepted norms in it which do not make sense to the humanity?
The concept of different religions does not make sense behind the idea of creation of this world.’

Although, the concept is not new to us on the grounds of spirituality, one must appreciate the idea the way this topic has been handled intelligently by flipping the term ‘Wrong Number’ in this movie. The movie has been framed around experiences an alien has to go through while trying to recover his stolen ‘remote control’ to call the spaceship so that he could return to his planet.

Overall I would rate this movie with 8/10.

Modern society needs such awareness of the entire human race on this planet. The knowledge not limited by religions, which are formed for the benefit of few acclaimed managers/ priests by fooling the common man by fearing/ scaring him/her.

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