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Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you think one’s presence on LinkedIn is subject to ‘Abuse of Privacy’?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most popular professional networking site has one feature, by which one would be able to ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile’. This option is available in Account & Settings > Privacy & Settings > Privacy Controls
It provides three options viz.
1>     Your name and headline (Recommended)
2>     Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title
3>     You will be totally anonymous

I’m trying to discuss and bring to your attention option no. 3 and no.2. Although LinkedIn smartly puts a word: ‘Recommended’ next to option 1, I am not able to understand why does it provide option 2 & 3 at first instance?

It is like someone is able to check my professional history and background without letting me know his/ her true identity. That ‘someone’ could be anyone. In the world of career and profession where it’s tough to establish network of trust I think LinkedIn should not ideally provide any option for any 3rd person to check profile anonymously. I believe it is a matter of professional ethics, transparency and openness.

Normally one would not check anyone else’s profile on LinkedIn without any purpose or a cause. In such instance I do not understand why that person whose profile is being checked should remain ignorant about the viewer’s identity.

On the top of it LinkedIn tries to promote members to go for (buy) it’s premium account or basically it’s paid account services with the intention of being able to see people’s identity who have checked their profile.

Do you all think that, LinkedIn has adopted one cheap marketing strategy to increase it’s paid membership base by causing unnecessary discomfort and anxiety to it’s existing free account members?

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