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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My analysis of the news “Uber horror: Delhi police nab rapist cab driver in Mathura”

Today’s post is based on a news which is not so old and had flashed again the painful memories of the safety of a woman in India especially in Delhi-Gurgaon area.

While reading the news below points came to my mind:

Point# 1

I could not help thinking what must have made that drunken woman to leave the party alone late night to return to her home? Could not someone from the party accompany her? Or maybe she could have called someone from the house (family) or friends to come and pick her up.

I admit my opinion would sound little controversial, however knowing that, such incidents are quite frequent in India, especially in Delhi-Gurgaon area, where Women’s safety is in question, I think it would not be improper on my part to expect a woman to take care of necessary precautions.
I’m sure any family person of reasonable intelligence and judgement would agree with me on this point.

Till the time surroundings are not safe, one would expect a female to adopt possible safety measures
especially when staying outside late night for any reason.

Do not get me wrong here, I’m not a person who is pointing fingers to the woman, just trying to think the way, normal family person would.

On this note I think most likely this incident could have certainly been avoided….

Point# 2

Next thing which came to my mind was what if that driver had actually thrust an ‘iron rod’  in her stomach or for some reason had stabbed her  or killed her. I wonder to what extent this investigation could have been easy to pursue? Had it been possible to the police to zero down on that driver so easily knowing he had deleted the UBER smartphone application in his mobile? And (let’s assume that Kaanoon ke haath lambey hote hain!) even if he could have been caught, how strong the case would have been, if he was smart enough not to leave any evidence behind.  

to be continued in the next post…

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