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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Courtesy and Polite behavior which is a rare commodity among (we) Indians who claimed to have great history of 'Indian Culture' behind

Date: 22 Nov 2014

It was Saturday.

I had gone to the nearest 'CHAI POINT' shop for my morning tea (ginger-tea).
It was already 11:00 hrs passed. Not much rush in the shop. At the counter there was a guy standing ahead of me in a queue. He ordered a ginger-tea. After exchanging cash and bill, that customer said to the guy at the counter, "make it fast (without saying 'please' or for that matter with courtesy and politeness in his tone)! The counter-guy also got paused for a while.

For a while I thought that may be this guy could be in real hurry.

Next moment, the boy at the counter processed my order in the cash register and then served both of us the ginger-tea.

The other guy took his tea, found a place and stood relaxed enjoying his ginger-tea, without any sign of being in a hurry.

I could not help myself thinking what could be the reason for such a rude and arrogant behavior? 

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  1. Would like to mention here that this kind of behavior is common among (we) Indians. Would like to write more about such behavior in my next post. :)