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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Job (Naukri) with 100% guarantee: is it a con or ponzy money making scam to fool innocent & needy job-seekers??? If yes, please do not get wooed by such con offers

… continued from previous post.

Next day I received a call from that female executive.

Executive: Good morning sir! (introduced herself) What have you decided then?

I: Is the offer still open? I think you said it was supposed to get lapsed yesterday itself.
Executive: No sir, offer is still open. Also we have many other clients. So are you making online payment or not?

I: ok.

Executive:  she told me to log in to their website which is  The moment I logged into that site, on the top of it, it’s mentioned  ‘100% guarantee’.

(My mind immediately signalled me, this has to be some con scheme. No trusted job portal in the world would be able guarantee  100% success, especially since the success in being hired depends a lost on the candidate’s profile,  market demand, last the performance of candidate at interview as well of course after being considered for the probable job. Besides, this girl is not sure whether I’m a software professional or a physical trainer at school.)

Executive: Sir, please keep your credit card ready.

I: hang on. I’m not comfortable with credit card payment. I do not understand where the payment would be credited?  I do not have any of your local office contact as well, where I can reach out  if I need any further help, advice or guidance (I’d actually meant help!).

Executive: Sir, aap itna educated ho! (Sir, you are so much educated). Online payment should not be a problem for you sir. Online payment is safe sir. Sir, what is the problem?

I: I’m not comfortable.

(After that, executive placed the call on hold. Couple of minutes later one male officer came on the phone. As he informed he was her supervisor.)

Supervisor: Sir, what is the problem with online payment? If you want to make payment at Local office, we are based in NOIDA (Delhi). Would you like to come here and make payment?

I: I’m not comfortable with all this set up.

Supervisor: Sir, would you like to make a cash deposit in the Bank Account then?

I: Yes, that sounds better.

(Supervisor told the girl to provide me with information of bank account details. The bank details they provided showed that they were able to open a Business account (Current account) account with HDFC Bank Ltd. being one of the leading Private Sector Bank in India.

I could only imagine what procedures, criteria must have been fulfilled and checks and verification must have happened to be able to open a Corporate Account with the leading private sector bank in India.

I noted down the details. That female executive kept calling me in the afternoon again and again (must be to check, if I’d deposited cash or not). I never answered that phone call.)

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