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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why I support and feel the US citizens should support ‘Donald Trump’ (The U.S. Presidential election 2016)

Looking at current state of the U.S. economy after 8 years of Obama administration being on the power, who printed trillions of money to give away to the corporate world of the US where the LONG and CONCRETE benefits have barely reached the common man and economy not showing promising long term picture,  I feel the U.S. and eventually the world needs a change in the way global economies are being run. The US could hoist the flag of leadership again bringing change to  the way global economies are being run. And I see that change could be brought only by a persona like Donald Trump, who is less of a politician and more of an entrepreneur and A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURE! Compared to him if Hillary Clinton comes to the power, it would be more of a continuation of policies which are being run since last 8 years and the most U.S. citizens especially from middle and low income would be deprived of long term financial stability to themselves and to their families.

The idea of Donald Trump of building protected U.S. economy and thereby grow stronger sound very promising than letting the show run as it has been running now and probably on a wider scale where more jobs are outsourced to developing countries where those cost less than creating jobs in the society where the company belongs and supposed to be giving back to that society. Donald Trump has sounded so far very simple, straightforward and bold enough to take necessary measures required to get back jobs in the U.S. economy from the long term perspective. Even if the oppositions and economists are saying that he would add 5-10 trillions of dollars to the public budget deficit (which has already been to extremely high level), I would like to ask simple question to democrats about what has happened to those trillions of dollars which Obama administration printed under the claim of economic stimulus to lead to the benefit of common man. As per the latest news, although the unemployment in the US has gone low and to the level of near full employment, what is the percentage of full time jobs being created in last few months of this election year? I believe most jobs are temporary and in a contract role. That means chances are very high that post this election if democrats come back in the power, those jobs would be lost very soon if economy does not pick up as it should be. It did not in last 8 years, I wonder how it would in next 1-2 years if not 4 under the new leadership? Donald Trump’s policy is more direct in terms of creating employment in the U.S. in terms that those would encourage and financially FORCE entrepreneurs and organization to create more local employment and pay less taxes. It’s a win-win situation especially for labour class and also to the entrepreneurs (although less rewarding than outsourcing).

We keep hearing about Donald Trump’s derogatory comments about women, however we must also understand the fact that this person by birth and profession is not a political person and he never intended to enter into politics till the time the US economy has run into a situation in which it is at the moment. Till then he was perfectly acting as a common human being. I think every human deserves a second chance especially when he is intending to bring big dramatic and positive change to the society.
I am sure many women US citizens would understand what am I trying to say here.

To be continued…

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