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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BREXIT: some points in the favour of ‘LEAVE’ campaign

After listening to the ‘EU referendum’ on the BBC last night, I felt that I’m little bit well informed about what British people to gain if they decide to leave EU.

1> Although the global markets and the economies are undergoing lots of tension, if Britain is separated I think within 1.5-2 years time it would be able to solve most of the problems the country would be facing including the haul of labour to support its economy by formulating and executing its own immigration policy in alliance with business lobby there.
2> One more thing came to my notice based on the debate held yesterday that due to uncontrolled immigration, over the period of time the wage rate in the UK has fallen which would eventually impact the quality of life of the general public. Low wage rates are eventually adding to the pockets of fatty capitalists, which is like a cancer in the long run to any economy.

3> I was astonished to know that the Bank of England has limited options to take any sort of measures to take control of the UK Economy in the EU. If I understand the situation well the situation would only worsen over the period of time.

4> No doubt, that the UK Economy would be in trouble once they are out of the EU. But the question is how long would they let the problems linger over their head, given their freedom and autonomy is back in their own hands. I look at this situation as someone spending his/ her all life working for someone by being in the service (to serve the EU administration), in contrast to someone who is trying to start and run his/ her own business. Of course, choosing to be in the service always be more comfortable and easy choice however in the long run one’s own life ends servicing and working for someone else’s dreams, whereas if someone chose to do a business, initially he/ she may face hurdles but that is what the Country as an Institution stands for. With all the Brits together working for the common goal of country’s prosperity would be in a better position to chose what is right and not, to prosper eventually.

5> From the national security perspective, I believe that the Great Britain would be more safe and secure by being remain separated from the huge continental land of Europe, the face of which is changing since 2013 with the large influx of people from Syria, Africa and Iraq.

6> Recession! Recession! Recession! I don’t understand why people are being scared to fall into recession after being exited from the EU. On one side people favoring ‘stay’ in EU are saying that there would be a big haul of labour, which indirectly means more demand for labour within Britain in a short period of time, which would help them restore their wage rates to support good standard of life. Probably this would not go in the favour of small number of rich and capitalist people. Any nation with a good banking system and entrepreneurs would eventually be able to come out of recession in 2-3 years period of time. The recession is just an economic cycle. However I think this fear of recession should not hold ground because of having a labour haul on one side and also demands of the society to be met on the other.

I think if Brits chose to leave it would be definitely in the interest of coming generations of British people.

And as far as EU is concerned I am sure that it would prosper on its own.

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