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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why I support and feel the US citizens should support ‘Donald Trump’ (The U.S. Presidential election 2016) - 20 Oct 2016

Continued from yesterday…

Finally Mr. President Barack Obama broke the silence. Where went those words ‘when they go low you go high!!!’ Evaporated in the air just like the stimulus money printed and vanished into the pockets of big fat capitalist to push into economies worldwide but the U.S..

Mr. Obama breaking silence is itself an indication that Mr. Donald Trump is making noticeable progress, and Mr. President must have thought to try to obstacle Mr. Trump’s progress by giving another good speech.

I expect the U.S. citizens to follow the path of British Citizens who made a historical decision to exit of EU. And take maximum control of its own economy. Although the USA is not part of any union it has to come out of unfavorable international trade agreements which are detrimental to its local employment.  Who could do this? I believe Mr. Trump. I would also like to mention here about Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The way she has been debating with Mr. Donald Trump, it seems that she wants to win by proving his inability and socially unacceptable behavior rather than proving and assuring her voters and supporters about her own ability to run the greatest country in the world by becoming Commander-in-chief? Most times of the election campaign when Mr. Donald Trump is actually running his campaign all over the nation, Mrs. Hillary Clinton chose to stay at home and rest. Folks, do you really expect the Commander-in-chief to be of this nature? Also the lady in whose presence, Mr. Bill Clinton did what he did; the lady who is always appearing in the campaign as if a quarreling and complaining lady, the lady who failed to keep her own husband within socially acceptable behavioral limits,…do you really think she is capable of playing a role of the US President? I believe, certainly not.

Addressing Trump's allegations of "large scale voter fraud," Obama said, "There's no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that there are instances in which that will happen this time." I would like to ask the Citizens of the U.S., that does it mean that if crime has happened and evidence could not be gathered, indicates the Crime never happened? There should be proper and independentaudit of election and vote counting procedures. 

My best wishes to Mr. Trump for his last debate tonight and I am confident that he would win!!!

In my next few blogs I would try to provide my own analysis of pre-election debate from 1st till the last one that is happening tomorrow. I just wish to make a sincere appeal  to the people of the USA, to make a best choice in the interest of their self, their families and friends, the USA itself and consequently for the betterment of the entire world.

A non-political person, a successful businessman has taken the first step to contest for the election to take back the control of the USA, the next step has to be taken by the Citizens of the USA. 

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