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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why I support and feel the US citizens should support ‘Donald Trump’ (The U.S. Presidential election 2016)

Before I could get into debate analysis I thought of writing about something which I feel is very crucial topic, something which would not be noticed by an ordinary voters with the importance it actually carries to decide the direction of the upcoming U.S. Election.

This is about Trump’s comments being the U.S. Presidential Election being rigged. Barack Obama was quick to react on this. Why? The answer is very simple yet astounding. There is a HUGE VESTED FINANCIAL INTEREST involved in the result of this election. The financial interest of the capitalists industrialists who don’t care about what their fellow countrymen suffers through but only about their own bank balance and properties worldwide. And I am sure that all these industrialists would not mind to spend huge amount of money to decide the result of this election in the favor of their own vested interest so that the democratic government which would come to the power would print more money and fuel it to run their businesses and INVESTMENTS worldwide. I am not sure if the ordinary U.S. citizens understands this very well, but this democratic government printed trillions of money out of public finance causing a huge toll on the U.S. public debt to favor con investment banks and corporates to run and expand their businesses worldwide and invest in stock markets, real estates, gold and bullions, while the local U.S. citizen being deprived of the basic right to fetch an employment and support to him/ her and his family, leave achieving their own dreams. WHOSE MONEY IT IS? IT BELONGS TO CITIZENS OF THE US. THE PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE TAX & TREASURY. I would also like to mention here the fact that if Donald Trump has smartly avoided paying tax within the scope of existing taxation law (which I believe is every citizen’s right to protect his/ her hard earned money by utilizing the provisions of the law applicable to EVERYONE), Mr. Trump has made a wise decision by not contributing his tax money to the fund which is highly misutilized by the government so far, be it George Bush’s or Mr. Barack Obama’s administration.  And who is the real beneficiary of all this money, TOP WEALTHY BUT ONLY SMALL PROPORTION OF THE POPULATION OF THE COUNTRY. The most important psychological and yet misleading factor of the modern election which I came across since BREXIT memorandum is the GENERAL PUBLIC POLL. It would not be tough for a person of average reasoning mind to understand that these numbers affect the psychology of normal voters, especially voters who have not made up their mind to vote yet (i.e. undecided category) and also to the voters who have barely made up a decision to vote in favor of one or the other candidate or decision. It is like a BIG CASINO house being run displaying numbers for public to bet on and also most importantly to affect their psychology to make up mind to be with the largest chunk of people and go with the flow. If the GENERAL PUBLIC WANT TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF THE ELECTION AND THE WAY ECONOMY IS MANAGED IN COMMON INTEREST OF THE LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE MAKING THEM BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE FOOLS TO THINK OF SWIMMING AGAINST THE CURRENT/ FLOW. IT IS A METHOD TO DISCONNECT BRAINS OF PEOPLE WHO THINK OF COMMON INTREST TO CHANGE THE LIFE FOR THEMSELVES, FOR THEIR FAMILIES AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR DESTINY. It is no wonder that most people still fall into the category of undecided. Guys! Poll results are the numbers which could be manipulated. Just like many economic performance results could be manipulated. If not manipulated at least window dressing could be done to mislead the perception of the general public. But the ground reality does not change by changing numbers. Many experts are questioning if the poll results being announced are even genuine or not. Who is checking the authenticity of those numbers and the method in which those are collected.  One should not forget that before BREXIT VOTE actually happened most polls were in the favor Britain to remain in the EU. But the U.K. citizens showed their determination is very strong and won comfortably with convincing majority. THERE IS NO WONDER IF Mr. TRUMP said THAT THE ELECTION HAS BEEN RIGGED. I support Mr. Trump!

Look at what BREXIT has done to the U.K. citizens and the life in the United Kingdom. Certainly corporations are affected due to the disconnection of free access to the largest consumer base of the European citizens but I am sure that the mass U.K. citizens would be living with pride now knowing that their LONG TERM and FUTURE GENERATION interest is protected. And the government would be working in the U.K. public interest with enough freedom, authority and OBLIGATION to the U.K. citizens.

Why should not I support Mr. Trump?
Look at the campaign expenditure of Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. If Mr. Trump has spent 71% of its funds generated ($166 milliion), which were  as compared to 90% by Hillary Clinton whose party generated ($414 million)….(source:
Answer is Mr. Trump.
That means whom the U.S. citizens would like to trust with their Tax Revenue and Public Finances? Of course Mr. Trump.

On the contrary who is the most expensive candidate and had to spend huge amount of money to gather votes? Mrs. Hillary Clinton!
Should the U.S. citizens trust this lady to achieve their dreams? No. She could only be trusted to bring benefits to the few rich and wealthy people who have poured huge amount of money to ensure that she is being elected.

Again I feel that Mr. Trump is not wrong, when he said that the election is rigged.

I have observed Hillary Clinton most of the times and since the early stages of the election running a campaign by directly criticizing Mr. Trump for some personal and past life behavior, criticizing him for his act of tax avoidance (although it was within the scope of the law and is a right offered to every citizen by the law equally). Whereas Mr. Trump has been running campaign on bringing change to the benefit of mass U.S. citizens and laws (including taxation) to increase the ease with which the U.S. citizen can live his/ her life. To increase the ease with which business could be run LOCALLY.

YES!!! I support Mr. Donald Trump!

Last and not the least, before I could sign off for the day, my personal feeling and perception about Mrs. Hillary Clinton about campaigning is whining lady making arguments like person who has failed in own venture and all she could do is to try to throw more garbage on Mr. Donald Trump while she herself is fully covered under garbage!!! She acted as a Senator. Played active role in forming various policies and what the result it brought to the U.S. citizens? …Well look around you and in the neighborhood!!!

To be continued…

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