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Friday, April 1, 2016

ICC T20 World Cup semi-final between India and West Indies

I’m little late to write about this however cannot stay without. I heartily congratulate West Indies for its wonderful performance in all three departments i.e. bowling, fielding and batting. 

I would like to highlight some of the mistakes Indian team made yesterday.
1st and foremost mistake was of dropping Shikhar Dhawan on the Wankhede wicket known as batsmen’s paradise. Shikhar could have scored runs at much better acceleration than Ajinkya Rahane. Ajinkya’s role comes into picture when India tends to lose wickets at short intervals and on tough turning Indian wicket. We all presume Ajinkya to be on the path of living legend Rahul Dravid, although he has lot to achieve and prove in order to be considered as replacement of Rahul Dravid. Ajinkya suits well in the middle order to gain control of the game especially when India has lost momentum and also wickets. Ajinkya would have been better replacement for Suresh Raina who failed miserably in this world cup. Manish Pandey was a good addition to replace Yuvaraj I feel, however unfortunately he did not get chance to shine his bat.
2nd mistake was, I found Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane got too complacent in the middle overs till the time Ajinkya got out and were happy with 1s and 2s. Once again I would like to highlight the fact that the venue was the Wankhede and not the Eden Garden. Both should have stepped on the gas. Everyone would agree that West Indies scored most of its runs through 4s and 6s and yet won comfortably. India should have focused for minimum 225 runs to defend. 

3rd mistake was to give Ravindra Jadeja 4 overs who was thrashed at the run rate of 12 runs per over. Although M S Dhoni did mention in the post match conference that the ball was wet due to dew on the ground I did not see any fielder carrying napkin or something to dry up the ball frequently in order to help bowlers to get good grip on the ball. Legendary leg spinner Shane Warne used to carry white napkin on the ground in conditions where ball used to get wet. 

Although I am an Indian, yesterday I did enjoy clean performance by the West Indies team, especially after losing Chris Gayle. In depth overs also West Indian bowlers did not give enough chance to Indian Batsmen and kept changing line, bowling repetitively just inside the wide line, kept deceiving with the pace of the ball, making it tough for Virat and M S Dhoni to hit for 4s and 6s. And I really felt bad when Virat was to be trusted with his bowling skills in the final over where WI needed only 6 runs. Indian team did commit few mistakes right from the selection of best 11, as best 11 were not on the field. And then second mistake was not to read well the available conditions and make best use of those and also skills in the available squad. It was sad to see Harbhajan on the bench especially when India was losing in India and Ravindra Jadeja bowling.

In the name of love of this sport, best team did win.

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